Essay about George Lawler´s Bipolar Disorder

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George Lawler is a thirty five year old man who is a high school track coach was taken to a psychiatric hospital and was admitted for Bipolar I disorder. Lawler has been going through series of both major and manic depressive episodes. He also is delusional and thinks he is an Olympic team coach. Lawler’s delusions show that he has a very high self-esteem and dignity. Lawler would not sleep much either. There would be times where he would not sleep for a long period of time. His thoughts are on warp speed and it causes to have him “talking a mile a minute” (Case Study). Lawler also displays a high level in goal directed behavior (NIMH). He stayed proactive by planning the night before for the next track meet. Lawler was highly determined to create new plans for his track team. Lawler’s manic episodes were very different from the depression Lawler would go through. We look back in junior college where Lawler had his worst major depressive episode. According to his friends, Lawler was depressed and he had no care for anything. Everything he was once interested in was all gone. He showed a lack of emotion to it. He was detached from the world. You would find him in his room all alone. Lawler’s social life slowly started to decrease and he would end up staying in his apartment and not go anywhere. In junior high school, Lawler was in a football team. He would neglect the team and not show up for practices or games. His coach addressed his concern with Lawler. Later on, Lawler…

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