George Lucas 's Star Wars

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George Lucas 's Star Wars, is one of America 's most prominent modern epics. The same can be said for Joss Wedon 's Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They share many similarities, most notably in their respective hero 's journey. Both stories are told through modern mediums, television and cinema, rather than clay tablets or written word. This change of medium is a product of the time period the works were created in, and reflects the massive technological advances of the last century. In 1977, the United States was in a seemingly perpetual state of animosity towards the Soviet Union. The Cold War had stretched on for almost three decades. The U.S was in the middle of the malaise period where fuel prices were skyrocketing, and the national debt was rising. The Iranian Hostage Crisis started just six months before The Empire Strikes Back was released into theaters. The future looked bleak, and literature of the period reflected that. Grim dystopias were the order of the day in science fiction. Then came Star Wars, a futuristic tale coated in a shell of fantasy, chivalry, bravery and knighthood. It promised hope, in a time where societies had little left to spare. This lead to the unexpected and unprecedented success of Star Wars. Inversely, Buffy was created in a time where the wounds of the past were present. However, the future looked bright. The Cold War was over. America was the dominant superpower of the era. Business was booming, and technology was advancing ever more
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