George Melies Trip To The Moon

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Art Concepts are a way of explaining a story or design through music, film, pictures, clips, or paintings. in order to understand certain art developments and styles. There are many different art forms, but watching a film or looking at pictures helps determine which art style it is and possibly whom it is from. Artists who wanted to create something that moved them emotionally, and mentally develop Art. They also wanted the art to be presented and for viewers to feel how they do and for them to be known through their art style. When one looks at a painting, just by the style the artist is recognized. There are also artists’ that like to interpret the original artists into their own work such as appropriation. Appropriation is an art concept where you take an image or…show more content…
He was a set designer; he used the Rococo art style in his set designs and he also implemented Industrial Art into his work. “Melies bought Robert Houdin’s theater in 1888; he learned and used many things from Houdin’s theater such as stop motion photography, double and multiple exposures, fadeout scenes, dissolving, trapdoors, and smoke bombs.” (Soren, Np). Melies was also a director, producer, and actor. Melies was famous for his work, but became immensely known for his film Trip To The Moon that was produced in 1902. His set included significant features; aliens, clouds, a spaceship, and a shooting star. The shooting star is very significant through the appropriation of all the films and video clips. The film is about astronauts making a plan to go to the moon, they build a spaceship, then they take “a trip to the moon”, where they have an occurrence with some creatures and then they have to fight them off while they get back to the spaceship and it ends with them getting back safely within the 80 days and everyone applauds them and throws a parade. Trip to the Moon was a silent film, but was later appropriated into a music
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