George Miller 's Mad Max Franchise

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Mad Max: Road Fury has been consider one of the best movies of the summer. It is the fourth installation in George Miller’s Mad Max franchise. The most interesting thing about this release, however, is that although it is the fourth movie of the series, it come almost thirty years after the release of the last movie in the franchise. The development, financing, and eventual production of Fury Road is incredibly interesting because although almost everything went wrong, it still became a successful movie, both critically and in the box office. A decade after the release of the third installment of the Mad Max franchise, Beyond the Thunderdome, Warner Bros. began to develop a Mad Max TV show. However, at the time, the 90s, a TV show that violent would never have been aired, and as such, they began to focus on a fourth Mad Max movie, set for the late 90s. (Meslow) In 2001, 9/11 derailed the movie for financial reasons. In Miller’s own words, “‘Everything closed down, shipping closed down, insurance closed down and most of all the American dollar collapsed by about 25% within a few weeks.” Additionally, the studio decided that such bleak times called for happier movies, because of this, Miller decided to work on Happy Feet instead. (Bravin) By 2003, the Mad Max movie was set to begin filming in Namibia. However, the location was determined to be a security risk, causing it to be delayed once again. By 2006, Mel Gibson began to distance himself from the movie, thinking that it…

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