George Orwell 1984 Analysis

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George Orwell’s 1984

A- 1984 is largely written in the third person, but Orwell chooses to have access only to the mind of Winston Smith. What is the effect of this when Winston thinks about O’Brien?
Orwell’s 1984 is an ironic political novel, which focuses on the world of politics in an imaginary city. Orwell wrote his novel in the third-person narrator, which means the narrator knows enough about the novel characters. George Orwell chooses to have access to his protagonist, Winston Smith, for he wants to uncover his inner thoughts of Winston regarding O’Brien. Winston is always thinking about O’Brien, regarding him as a political hero who will overcome the unjust ruling party. To end up, Orwell access to Winston Smith’s mind enables him to read and acknowledge the deep inner thoughts of Smith concerning Mr O’Brien.

B- Since you, the reader, know no more about O’Brien than Winston does, write about the puzzles and problems that you have in understanding what O’Brien is like.
George Orwell writes his novel 1984 in the third person, which prevents the reader from getting a full background about the inner thoughts of the characters. To get over that, Orwell chooses to have an access to his protagonist’s, Smith, mind and through that access he can uncover Smith’s reflections on O’Brien. Actually, Smith is mistaken in
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The mentioned conversation is a model example of that irony. In the meant conversation, Little Dorrit states that she is wrong in her view saying that man should not pay in life and money both. On the other hand, the addressee, Clennam, seems an opponent to her view. I believe Little Dorrit is right in her point of view, as it is right that man should not waste his life or money. The situation is full of irony and fun in fact. I think the author, Charles Dickens, is obviously supporting his heroine’s view, and is inviting the reader to support her view as
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