George Orwell 1984 Anaylsis

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Part of being human is a search to find someone who you share a personal bond with through physical attraction and similar interests and personality traits. Once this type of relationship is found both of the people involved grow together formulating opinions on certain topics learning from each other and sharing an outlook on life that is altogether their own. If a person does not know who they are and has no freedom to find out then he will never know what to look for in a partner. Intimate relationships interconnect with personal freedom and self expression through a cycle that leads them all together. George Orwell’s cautionary tale “1984” plays out this cycle in a dystopian world. When two people with completely different views are…show more content…
In a society with suppressed feeling and emotion being forced to obey a strict code defeats the purpose of a society. There would be no natural growth which starts from the core, the core being a family and the governments job is to protect and to help the citizens to live good lives so that they may begin a family. A person needs to be able to express his/herself and have the personal freedom to choose someone to have an intimate relationship with to be

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