George Orwell And Brave New World

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In both novels, 1984 by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the impacts of living under radical levels of censorship and control are highlighted and indirectly scrutinized, in an allegorical manner. Written about are what these two authors believed could have become a possibility if humanity were to take a wrong turn and gives power to the wrong party and the negative influence it would have. The two books have many common ideas pertaining the methods of government that could lead to society’s demise such as the limitation of knowledge, manipulation of emotion and prompt elimination of any kind of rebels. Proven by the pair, is the ineffectiveness and possible downfall as a result of these irrational control tactics. One of the methods used in both novels to suppress and regulate their citizens is limitation of the knowledge given to them. Both governments dictate what their citizens can and cannot think using extreme policing and monitoring. Religious and historical literature are also amongst luxuries restricted from these societies. A common theme is the destruction of Shakespeare’s work and philosophies. Shakespeare, being an important and iconic attribute to the development of literature, often drew attention to the aspects of the human condition such and love and grieving. Also, with many of his plays being tragedies, it would have given readers the opportunity to explore various emotions which could potentially be allowing growth or
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