George Orwell And The Movie Divergent

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A dystopia holds the illusion of being a perfect society, however, the reality is far from it. This type of society maintains control through corporate, bureaucratic, technological, moral or totalitarian measures. It breaks down the impetuous nature of humanity; it is the ultimate assassination of freedom. Literature that depicts dystopias, tend to follow a common archetype. Though similar in its foundation, dystopian literature can take on vastly different forms. This is observable in the novel 1984 by George Orwell, and the movie Divergent by Veronica Roth. The novel and the movie compare as well as differ regarding the aspects of their dystopian characteristics, controls, protagonists and figurative elements. Additionally, they both provide insight into our world today. The novel 1984 and movie Divergent share the dystopian characteristics of an oppressive government, prevailing conformity and strict divisions. The oppressive government in 1984 is known as the Party. The Party expects full loyalty; families, free thought, individuality and many more natural rights are prohibited, in fear that the Party will lose power. It insures this by monitoring all the actions of people through “telescreens” and “thought police”. It also instills guilt and fear with endless propaganda. Everywhere Winston, the protagonist in 1984, went he saw nothing “except the posters that were plastered everywhere...”(Page 2, 1984). The people of Oceania are brainwashed into believing that this

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