George Orwell: Overview By Richard Cowper

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The article George Orwell: Overview by Richard Cowper includes George Orwell’s best-selling books that includes 1984 and Animal Farm. The article goes more in depth on 1984 explaining what the story is about. It explains to us that the story is about a man named Winston Smith who lives and works in London. But it is no longer called London, it was switched to Oceania when the Party took over. It is now under control of the Party and its leader, Big Brother. The Party is made up of four Ministries. They include the Ministry of Love, Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Peace, and the Ministry of Plenty. The party sends a young female named Julia to toy with Winston. Winston falls in love with her before he realizes what they are trying to do to him. He is taken by the Ministry of Love. In the end he is totally erased and is then recreated in the Party’s image. They re-create him saying he loves Big Brother and is a huge fan of the party. The purpose of this article is to persuade people to read the novel 1984 by George Orwell. They give a background on the author, George Orwell, and his accomplishments and the events he writes about. They go in depth on the book 1984. …show more content…

“By a series of physical and psychological tortures, Winston Smith as a person is totally erased” (Cowper 1). This surprises me because they gave away an ending to the book that would come as a surprise to many readers. A prediction of mine was that Winston would overthrow the Party but they gave it away in this article that he is erased. They foreshadow in the book that he is going to try to overthrow the Party. “Perhaps the Brotherhood existed after all! Perhaps the girl was a part of it” (Orwell 107). Winston was excited when he received the slip of paper from the girl but was not sure what was on there. He thought maybe the girl was a part of the Brotherhood and wanted to overthrow the

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