George Orwell is Continuing to Shape's Political Scheme

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Stating that “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. And Ignorance is strength.”, George Orwell was tossed in to the political realm as a British writer and philosopher. Known for his criticism towards Britain’s government and other popular government ideologies, he continues to shape today’s political scene. Regardless of the type of spotlight he received during his life, he served as a true milestone to British literature and politics. Orwell lived a secluded live. He would spend days at work and insisted that no one bothers him. He let few people into his life and often made it clear that he did not want many people knowing how he lived. Even on his death bed he announced his “prohibition against anyone producing any biography of him whatsoever” (Firchow 4). However countless biographies, novels, and documentaries circulate trying to describe the man he was. Just as he is loved and hated by people in the present, over sixty years ago his name was plagued from critics labeling him a “non-congenital”, “racist and naïve”, “non-genius”, “anti-Semitic”, and “both homophobic and antifeminist writer” (Firchow 22). While these claims may be visible through the content in a selection of his novels, Peter Firchow believes that “if he were confronted personally by those who might have felt offended by his negative remarks about gays and women, he probably would have apologized and perhaps even changed his ways” (Firchow 23). Orwell didn’t let most of the critics’ sneer remarks get to

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