George Orwell 's 1984 And The Holocaust

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Life now is very different from life 30 years ago. There is more technology, more options and more government interference. History has the greatest effect on people now days, it helps them. George Orwell’s novel 1984 can be directly related to many world events, especially the Holocaust. The control the government possessed, the large amount of propaganda, and the general treatment of the people are all similarities between the Novel and the Holocaust. To begin, the control the government has is very similar between the society in the novel and the society during the holocaust. In both the novel and the holocaust the government had complete control over everything. This shows through 1984 with the cameras. The government watches their every move and the minute they do something wrong they are harshly punished. There are telescreens in each house and they are constantly on watching the people of Oceania. The government controls their activities and even gets involved in the people’s personal relationships. In the government’s eyes the people should not have sexual relations unless they are married and even then it should only be done to reproduce. (quote) They tell the people what they can and cannot have and control the market. The only way the people can get certain items is through the black market. The government during the holocaust had very similar ways of controlling the people except it came in the form of curfews and the Star of David. The government forced the…

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