George Orwell 's Animal Farm Essay

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Alejandro Oliveros Mr. Scarpo English 10 Honors 4/11/16 In animal Farm, George Orwell creates three themes and they are, absolute power corrupts absolutely, the pigs thoughts and rules, and role of populace. Orwell creates this story and it 's almost the same as the Russian Revolution. What is the message of the story that George Orwell creates? First of all, It all starts on Mr. Jones Farm, where Old Major (the elder pig), makes an announcement. He includes in his speech that one day the animals will revolt against the humans taking charge of them, and treating them unjustly. He ends his speech with a song, called the Beasts of England that he taught the animals from his childhood. As time passed, so did Old Major, and Mr. Jones was treating the animals unfairly. One night, he got drunk and didn’t come back for a whole day and even when he did, the animals were not fed. As a result the animals had enough and took a stand, they chased Mr. Jones and his men off the farm as they called it their own. This leads us to our first theme that is absolute power corrupts absolutely this could be proven by, “ All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others"(pg.134). In this quote it says that not every animal is going to be treated equally. Napoleon change the rules because back then it said that “all animals are equal”. This is the start of corruption. When Old Major died Snowball took over, then Napoleon took over and with all that power he became corrupt and
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