George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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George Orwell was known as one of the greatest English writers of all time. He wrote several articles and novels, including one of his greatest books Animal Farm. The Animal Farm describes the leadership of the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky using farm animals (“George Orwell”). The Soviet Union, now known as Russia, was much different under the leadership of Stalin than it is now. The Soviet Union was a dictatorship under Stalin, but it is currently a republic. The change in government did not occur without a number of revolts and battles, similar to the ones in the Animal Farm. An examination of the Animal Farm texts will show how Russia was during this era, such as the social structure of the people. The Soviet Union was separated into different classes, like much of Eurasia during this time period. These classes included the Upper Class, Middle Class, Working Class, and the Peasant Class (Llewellyn, Rae, and Thompson). For starters, members of the upper class consisted of the clergy and nobility (Llewellyn, Rae, and Thompson). The second class is the middle class, which consist of merchants and professionals (Llewellyn, Rae, and Thompson). The working class consist of soldiers and workers (Llewellyn, Rae, and Thompson). The peasant class was made up of farmers who were treated with disrespect and were unequal to members of the other classes (Llewellyn, Rae, and Thompson). Orwell described the relationship between the members of the upper class and the

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