George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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Introduction: We live in a world where thriving on power seeks to corrupt us all. We may not think so, but it’s happening all around us. Animal Farm was published in 1945 by famous author George Orwell. An intriguing and tragic fable in which demonstrates the impossible battle of totalitarian regime in hope of creating a world of equality. A politically satire novel that expresses social messages that have occurred during the Russian Revolution and which are still relevant in today’s society. During this presentation we will be explicitly recognising the impacts of corruption and its ability to manipulate anyone! That’s right anyone! So come join us as we explore George Orwell’s historical perspective on how society can endlessly try fight for what is right and yet still fall into complacency. Body1: Animal Farm, the great allegory of contemporary society reflects the continuous problems of corruption and its ferocious ability to influence anyone. Corruption strikes all levels of society, whether it be the poorest or the richest of nations. A contagious outbreak that is merely irreversible as it has already undermined huge proportions of economic development, politics, the environment and people’s health. However, a communist manifesto was the first sign of hope during the Russian revolution. A manifest initiated by a revolutionary socialist named Karl Marx who proposed the idea for everyone to be equal according to their needs and abilities. Though, this optimistic

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