George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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George Orwells "Animal Farm" (1945) is an illustrious political novella which delineates the fact that the Utopian Ideology of communism is not perfect. Orwells eagerness to express his view on the Russian Republic led him to produce his satirical and metaphoric masterpiece; Animal Farm. The fictitious text based on the events manifest in the Russian Revolution show how communism fails as power corrupts minds, displayed in the novella with "Animalism". Napoleon, the main protagonist portrays the leader of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin. Through certain themes and literary features, Orwell explains how communism is not ideal.

George Orwell was born in 1903 in India & was educated in England. In England Orwell noticed that the school treated the wealthier kids better than the poorer ones. In 1922 Orwell had joined the Indian Imperial Force & there he served for 5 years in Burma until he resigned to become a full time writer. Late in 1936 Orwell had made the journey to Spain for the sole purpose of fighting against the republicans whom were against the republicans whom were against Francos ' Nationalists. Orwell had no choice but to flee from Spain due to the Soviet-backed communists who were repressing revolutionary socialist disputes. This experience was the reason for him being a life long anti-socialist. The ordeal along with his yearning to write, he developed the Dystopian novel; Animal farm to show his politIcal standpoint on the Russian Republic. His thoughts, his…

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