George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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People respond to control and power differently for various reasons, however, one of the main reasons is based on their personality; their confidence and intelligence. In, Animal Farm by George Orwell, confidence and intelligence is a big factor for why certain animals obtained power and control and why other ones did not. People with confidence and intelligence are likely to gain most of the control and power. People with little intelligence, but lots of confidence are more likely to have some power or work underneath the leader. People with intelligence, but no confidence seem to have no power at all and shy away from it. Both intelligence and confidence are needed for someone to take total power. Therefore, the amount of confidence and intelligence a person has will decide how they respond to control and power. In a situation where power and control are completely up for grabs, people with a vast knowledge and lots of confidence in themselves will be the first ones to challenge others for the power. This is all because of their knowledge and confidence. A person with greater intelligence than most would be a more efficient leader due to the fact they are more intelligent and offer better ideas and have a vast knowledge to look back on for help. People like this know they are a bit smarter than most, therefore making believe that they can lead more effectively than others. Thus, boosting their confidence. When you are given people with intelligence and
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