George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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Throughout human history, tyranny and oppression have fueled the revolutionary reconstitution of society. The French revolutionary motto, “liberty, equality, fraternity” can be applied in part to every rebellion in history. With these principles at heart, it only seems logical that human society should become utopian. Despite the principles, the French revolution paved the way for the autocratic rule of Napoleon. History repeats itself; George Orwell’s Animal Farm follows the rise of Animalism which serves as an allegorical reflection of the 1917 Russian revolution that led into the Stalinist era. Many revolutions throughout history follow the same path as the newly installed government always become indistinguishable from those who ruled before them. The reasons exhibited in the novel are the distortion of revolutionary ideas, the abuse of language to manipulate the naïve working class and the corrupting influence of power. All revolutions start off with ideals beneficial to the proletarians, however as the misconduct within its leadership progresses it has caused these ideals to be distorted to the point where the new leadership becomes indistinguishable from the old. This is exemplified in the novel by the changes to the Seven Commandments of Animalism. Following the expulsion of humans, the commandments were created to prevent any species from following the same path as the humans, the scapegoats of the revolution. It wasn’t long after these events that the ideals of
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