George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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George Orwell Never Misuses Words In what was a vastly controversial novel published in 1945, George Orwell’s Animal Farm describes the horrific brand of communism in the Soviet Union and the conscious blindness that most of the West accepted at that time. Although Orwell labeled Animal Farm as a fairy tale, this historically parallel novel branches into the genres of political satire, fable, and allegory as well. What made Animal Farm so controversial among the “British socialists” and Western countries was its criticism of Soviet Communism combined with the “noble and revolutionary” light that the Soviet Union shone under in its birth (Baker). Political satire is a mean of writing that uses humor to criticize a global event, people,…show more content…
However by placing such great political beings into the form of pigs, chickens, dogs, and generic farm animals, the humor of the situation, once the political alignment is understood, appears. With parody, Orwell shows Napoleon’s rule in the Animal Farm with a shady and ominous tone, thus criticizing communism in Russia in an equal sense.
Orwell also utilizes parody with specific events in the Russian Revolution. The pigs, with superior knowledge, which initially thought of “animal freedom,” are the equivalent of the Politburo, the group that initiated the communist ideology in Russia. Then, Old Major dreams of liberation for the animals noticing how their lives were “miserable, laborious, and short”; soon after he writes the rules and beginnings of Animalism (Orwell 6). This event in the book represents the establishment of a communist ideal and the writing of the Communists ' Manifesto (Frane). Old Major dies before all the animals overthrow the humans and enforce the rules made by him, which resembles change of power from the Russian monarchs to the Soviet Union. From this point on the expectations were high for the prosperity of both the animals in Animal Farm and the people of the Soviet Union.
The finalizing object that makes Animal Farm appear to be a political satire is the ultimate effect that
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