George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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Imagine that you were an animal 's or citizen living under Napoleon or Stalin rule and the fear that your life can be taken always from you at any time. In the novel of Animal Farm, George Orwell he wanted to show how a book is a sarcasm of the Russian Revolution during the communist years and the satire of that time between Trotsky and Stalin. Where Orwell chose to create his character base of the common people of Russia at the time of the Revolution. Animal Farm is a social or allegory about Napoleon influences of all the animals and getting rid of his partner; however, how he uses his power for great evil. At the beginning of Animal Farm, power was used to get great things and it brought all the animals in Manor Farm together to allow them gain their freedom from Mr. Jones. After this first positive influence of power, however, it began to become destroy the community on how the animals had worked together in order to form a utopian place in the Animal Farm base of George Orwell. Where he wanted to use his power to control the farm. Really in Animal Farm during Napoleon 's rule it was worse than before under farmer Mr. Jones did to the animals. At least farmer Jones was a human and the animals, pigs and all the rest, were in the same predicament. With Jones, the animals knew what to expect. Where Napoleon makes the whole farm into a terror state. This is how Orwell describes totalitarian states in the Animal Farm base of the USSR communism and how Stalin did it to his
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