George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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“In past years Mr. Jones, although a hard master, had been a capable farmer, but of late he had fallen on evil days”(Orwell 38). In Animal Farm George Orwell describes life for the animals on a farm in the english countryside during the mid to early 20th century before, during and after a revolution against their master Mr.Jones in order to represent the russian revolution and describe to people throughout the free world how leaders in both capitalist and communist societies oppress the working class as a result Orwell 's tone throughout the novel is concerned. Tsar Nicholas II led Russia into failure in the Russo-Japanese war as well as World War I and allowed the shootings of over one thousand protesters on Bloody Sunday; these actions inspired Orwell to create a representation of tsar Nicholas II in the character Mr.Jones who is known for being drunk and forgetful.
Tsar Nicholas II the last tsar of Russia was born on May 18th 1868 to the tsar Alexander III in Krasnoye Selo. Nicholas II is known in Russian history as a neglectful leader who lead Russia to failure in both the Russo-Japanese conflict, World War 1 and for showing cruelty on bloody sunday. Since his childhood, Nicholas II was known for being timid and disliked confrontations that pertain to politics because his father did not train him to rule. Right after his coronation in 1894, Nicholas II asked his uncle Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich "… I know nothing of the business of ruling. I don 't know how to talk
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