George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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Omar El Fallah Rj Syed Per.4 Vreeland We Must Stop Corruption! “It’s always tough being the fat kid in school, it must be extra tough being the only fat kid in you entire country.” This is a quote about Kim Jong-Un who is notorious for being one of the most corrupted dictators ever. The reason he is corrupt is one simple word: power. The importance of our argument is that power corrupts those who posses it. There are corrupt people in this world who will do anything to gain power. This argument is based upon the themes represented in Animal Farm, created by George Orwell, it is an allegorical, satirical, dystopian novel. Power corrupts those who possess it because it leads to a destroyed society and an oppressive dictatorship, and much…show more content…
Believe it or not to many people over the world this sounds very familiar and normal. This evidence supports my claim because it is a clear reason of power corrupting people at its best, and not only that but it is happening in lots of places all over the world. In addition to this, our net follow-up reason of why power corrupts people those possess, “it can create a dictator and diminish that society”. Power corrupts because it allows those who are using it to create a dictatorship and they can even end up diminishing their society if their power is not checked soon enough. Kim Jong-Un believes he is allowed to do each and everything he wants because he wields too much power. “In 2012, Kim Jong-Un executed his uncle simply because he had the power to do so, even though most people consider the murder of a family member an unethical act”(NBC News). Not only did he do this but he also did this, “he executed his chief of defense because the chief fell asleep at an event, a recent extension to the many random executions he has ordered in his reign so far”(Cable News Network). One other example about this would be in Russia. “Russia had the most crime rate of sixty-four percent, corrupt leaders of sixty-one percent and still no change of progression whatsoever”(Pew Research Center), and also “Russia has been classified the highest rank in poor quality at schools”(Russia Beyond The Headlines). These simple facts and statistics (evidence) supports our reasons

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