George Orwell 's Books On His Thoughts And Feelings Toward The World

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George Orwell wrote his books based on his thoughts and feelings toward the world. These thoughts would begin to arise early on in his life. Growing up in India where his father was stationed as a British official, his mother and siblings soon moved to England where he received his education. Unfortunately because of his family 's financial conditions Orwell was unable to attend the university he would have liked to attend. Instead he headed to Burma where he joined the Indian Imperial Police Force where he would begin to see the detestable side to British Imperialism. Orwell knew he wanted to be a writer so after 5 years resigned from the force and went back to England in 1922. (George Orwell Biography) Soon he would publish his second big book Burmese Days in 1934 which “offered a dark look at British colonialism in Burma, then part of the country 's Indian empire” (George Orwell Biography). By this time Orwell identified himself as a socialist. Two years later Orwell and his wife traveled to Spain where he participated in the Spanish Revolution fighting against the Nationalist Party. This nationalist party was for the rise fascism, which is a type of government “in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government” (Merriam-Webster). This faction was also receiving support from Joseph Stalin 's communists who were combating the socialist dissenters. During this time Orwell was shot, and forced to flee the country with his wife. This stint would forever make him
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