George Orwell 's Brave New World

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Comparison of Two Governments What are the main differences and similarities in how the government in the novel 1984 and the government in the novel Brave New World control the citizens of their society? Both government are tyrannical types of governments with total control over their people. The two novels have many differences and similarities in the methods the government uses to control the people, they use methods such as psychological manipulation, torture, emotional oppression, and t. The first method of control is torture. Torture is defined as inflicting severe pain on someone. This is mostly relevant in George Orwell’s 1984. The reason why the government in 1984 uses torture as a method of control is because it is a way for them to change a person’s behavior and even thought process. In the novel the person being tortured is Winston Smith, and the reason they torture him is to get a confession out of him. In the end the torturing wins as Winston confesses to everything and eventually betrays his lover Julia. The only real torture in the novel Brave New World is self-torture done by John the Savage to try to cleans himself of corruption. So, the government in brave new world does not actually use torture as a method of control. When Winston Smith is tortured it shows that physical harm is a way that the government can manipulate and control their people. The second method of control is psychological manipulation. Psychological manipulation is the act of changing
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