George Orwell 's Brave New World

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Throughout time numerous individuals have attempted to predict what the future holds for our society. If one was to narrow their focus on the past century they would see the works and predictions of Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. Both Huxley and Orwell, as one could infer, composed novels that describe future societies and their inner workings. Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, where members of society originate from a lab and who’s lives are pre-determined by the controllers. The controllers of Huxley’s futuristic society’s fundamental goal is to create an ideal community where every member achieves optimal happiness through the lives that are chosen for them and through the use of a euphoria inducing drug named Soma. The main…show more content…
Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984 uses television as a way to watch and control the minds of individuals through forced program watching as a way of propaganda. If one was to look at modern society they would notice the exponential rise in television ownership in the past decades and notice the direct correlation it has with the sociability and trust members of society have. Tirman states that “a kind of media malaise effect takes hold, fostering disillusionment, political apathy, distrust, and alienation. General voter trust in government institutions (including the military) has risen in the same period” (page 9). This shows some key aspects of Orwell’s 1984 proving relevant to our modern society in that through the increased use of television the population as alienated itself, become delusional, and become more trusting of the government. These are all instances that one sees in 1984 as the people in the novel trust a totalitarian government even though it is responsible for their hardships that they do not realize they are living through because of their trust for the government and the delusions it creates within its people. Our society has not reached the level of 1984’s and nor does it appear that it will however, this is a substantial similarity between the
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