George Orwell 's Dangers Of Power Through A Totalitarian Government

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When an author writes a novel, the theme is the recurring lesson or message that is either symbolically hidden or boldly stated throughout the story. While writing 1984, George Orwell strongly displayed the theme of the dangers of power through a totalitarian government. Not only were Orwell’s ideas of corruption in an all-powerful government portrayed in his novel, 1984, but comparisons can be made with the story’s points of a spying authority, keeping the lower class ignorant, and an unscrupulous corporate influence with America’s power-heads today. Big Brother could be considered the main antagonist of George Orwell’s 1984. Serving as a constant watchmen over the citizens of Oceania, people can not do a single thing in privacy. For example, there is an organization of committee members called the “Thought Police”, who have microphones and cameras out of sight that capture every move of the Oceanians. If the Thought Police catch someone doing or thinking or saying something they don’t like, the offender is taken away from society. Similarly to this fictional spying authority in the story, America’s National Security Agency (NSA) has been accused and found guilty of participating in activities along the same lines. According to the academic journal entitled New Revelations From Edward Snowden About the US and UK Spying on Their Citizens, “The NSA and its British counterpart are using the latest code to peek at individual email, medical and banking records. These are
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