George Orwell 's ' Mein Kampfi '

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Pacing around his cell in 1923 Hitler dictates to Rudolf Hess about his youth, future plans for Germany, the Nazi party, and his ideas on politics and race. Mein Kampfi is not an actual novel written by Hitler himself, in fact it is more like listening to Hitler speak about his troubles and future plans for Germany (Adolf Hitler Bibliography). He begun composing this while sitting in Landsberg prison, imprisoned for the betrayal of his country in his role with the infamous Beer Hall Putsch attempt to stage a coup and grasp control of the Bavaria government. Being caught Hitler was sentenced to five years of imprisonment. However, his time at the prison was hardly a punishment. Hitler was allowed visitors, gifts and was treated there as…show more content…
In Mein Kampf Hitler states that the Aryans are the superior race amongst others (Documents in World History). I believe that Hitler assumes that mankind can be divided into three types of people in the world which fall under three different categories: the founders, bearers and cultural destroyers. It is safe to say that Hitler assumes that the Aryans are the founders of the culture, who are not allowed to mate with the weaker powers as the higher power does not dominate. He is discouraging his followers to mix racially because it leads to destruction in physical and mental strength and lowers the higher power. He believes when the blood mixes they will lose their purity and destroy the masters of society - the Aryans. Then, I believe he goes on to states the duties of the Aryan and how they should be willing to die for their beliefs and their families. He also sates how they are required to regulate the activities of those below them. He again, emphasis the idea of racial mixture that how it will wipe out the Aryans and lead to a collapsed culture and government. Saying that their needs to be a fine line between the master (higher power) compared to the servant(lower power). Then, he praises those who are willing to take part in his community and the respect and honor they will receive by training, leading, and honoring their
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