George Orwell 's Novel, 1984

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In the novel, 1984, George Orwell describes a dystopian future in which the citizens are living under the control of a totalitarian regime. The “Party”, Orwell’s version of the modern day government, used their power to keep constant surveillance of the citizens, censor information, and manipulate the people. Through the use of telescreens and microphones, the Party was able to watch and listen to the citizens whenever they were in range. Party members were also responsible for the systematic destruction of words from the dictionary. Scare tactics related to war were used to control the citizens into conforming to the Party’s ideals. These concepts of corrupt power is seen in modern day society as well. Orwell’s version of the future was relevant, because it mirrors the government of modern day society due to the fact that the government uses surveillance to watch people, it manipulates citizens to support war, and it censors words and terms. The government in both today’s society and that of 1984’s use surveillance to constantly watch over the citizens. In the novel, The Party’s figure of authority was referred to as Big Brother. Throughout Oceania there were posters of Big Brother which stated, “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” (Orwell 2). This referred to the fact that the Party was constantly monitoring the citizens on telescreens. The point of the telescreens was to control the people, enter their persona, manipulate them into changing their actions, and essentially
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