George Orwell's Animal Farm Essay

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George Orwell's Animal Farm Mollie- Represents the rich and noble of Russia at the time (esp. the Czar and his family). Those who fled Revolutionist Russia, because they had had a better life beforehand, and were un-willing to accept change. The messages that Orwell is trying to express through Mollie are directly opposite to the actions which are displayed through Benjamin. Although they were both unwilling to accept change, their actions were very different. The message that Orwell is conveying through Mollie is that you shouldn't just quit because things get tough. Quotes- 'Mollie, the foolish, pretty white mare.' page2 'Will there still be sugar after the rebellion?' page10 'Mollie refused to learn any but the…show more content…
He did his work in the same slow, obstinate way he had done it in Jone's time, never shirking, and never volunteering for any extra work either.' page18 'About the Rebellion and it's results he would express no opinion' 'Benjamin could read as well as any pig, but never exercised his faculty.' Squealer- Perhaps one of the easiest characters to relate back to the Russian revolution, squealer represents the propaganda used by Stalin to convince the Russian people that they were better off than they had ever been. I n particular, Squealer represents Pravda, a Russian newspaper of the time, which was basically a tool used by Stalin, to brainwash the Russian public. The messages that Orwell is displaying through Squealer are quite clear, no one should let themselves be taken in by propaganda, as it is only a means of diverting people's attentions away from the real story. Although Animal Farm is often seen as an allegory of the Russian revolution also has important messages for readers today. Explain how Orwell uses three of the following to convey theses messages: Mollie Moses Benjamin Squealer The Cat Animal Farm has long been regarded as close reflection of events and characters involved in the Russian Revolution of 1917 to 1945. However, part of the novel's longevity lies in the fact that many of the characters portray messages and traits that are relevant to modern
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