George Ritzer's Explaination of How to Avoid Mcdonaldization

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Mr. George Ritzer explain that Mcdonaldization can be avoided, he gave us good explanation the only time he goes to McDonalds is to use the bathroom he also mentioned that if you have to take your kids there blind fold them something that might not sit too well with the American people . But his theory and concept states that it’s very hard to avoid Mcdonaldization because it has taken over the American society and has become part of our life’s simply what he calls the “Iron Cage” ( . Through his research which states that by simply neglecting the variety and diversity of consumer practices in different regions and parts of the world and the various uses to which consumers can put McDonaldization, using its products and procedures to serve their own needs. There are many ways Mcdonaldization can be resisted in: social institution, education, the economy, family, as well as religion and military that our society can reverse the effects on the way we live. Take for instance the schools and classrooms across the world. In Virginia Beach the school system are based on the SOL(Standards of Learning) testing that has taken control and prevents our children from getting a good education, this is designed to solely grade the school on how many kids move up to next level it is not the importance of teaching and educating. We as parents should be more involved ask question and do not believe that no child should be left behind.

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