George S. Paton Jr.

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There are roughly eight billion individuals on this planet and each one of them has the potential to change future of the human race. On November 11, 1885, in San Gabriel California a unique individual was born that would change the outcome of WWII. George S. Paton Jr. was this individual and he would be a key player in the allied victory over Germany in the Second World War. This victory allowed America to exert its rightful place as a global superpower. Patton not only assisted America in winning the war but set it up for further victory based in his involvement in the formation of the first armored division in the U.S. Army. His tactics were developed were deployed throughout the European theater. To fully grasp the impact that General Patton has had on America’s military and America’s global dominance, one must understand Patton’s character and knowledge, his military upbringing, as well as his conduct at home and on the battlefield. General Patton comes from a long line of successful military commanders and a royal lineage which aided in shaping Patton’s character. General Patton’s lineage can be traced as far back as “Edward I, king of England, and his wife Margaret, daughter of Philip III of France” which became a family prideful sentiment (Blumenson 24). George Smith Patton, General Patton’s grandfather, “was a colonel in command of the 22d Virginia Infantry” for the South during the Civil War where he sustained a fatal wound “at the third battle of Winchester,

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