George Saunders ' The 400 Pound Ceo

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Jeffrey is the main character in George Saunders “The 400-Pound CEO”. One focus of the story is his life as an overweight man living in a society that devalues him for that. Saunders helps the reader understand this by allowing the story to be told through Jeffrey. We see his suffering through his boss and coworkers who make demeaning comments about his weight and relate this to his clearly having no sexual experience. Another example is the reactions of people in a restaurant, when he goes on a date, and his perceptions of those reactions affirm these moments happen everywhere he goes. The story follows his struggle with people and how he desires relationships with his coworkers, especially a woman, yet fails to understand why people behave the way they do. As Jeffrey experiences these degrading moments daily he begins to show flashes of tense anger and frustration. These he quickly covers up with a plausible, in his mind, solution or explanation; no matter how terrible the circumstance. Saunders spins this character brilliantly leaving his reader shocked but not appalled when Jeffrey commits a murder. By committing this heinous crime, Jeffrey changes the circumstances of his life; however his overall outlook remains positive and sincere, making him a flat character. . The place that Jeffrey chooses to work at shows his character as a person who is optimistic regardless of the reality that surrounds him. “Humane Raccoon Alternatives”, is a company founded…
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