George Shultz Research Paper

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Titles and awards do not define whether or not a person has left an impact on the world, it is the lasting effect of their actions that prove they have produced change. Princeton alumnus George Shultz’s life has been dedicated to the production of change. From a young age Shultz embodied the new Princeton motto “Princeton in the Nation’s service and the Service of Humanity.” Shultz’s military service, accomplishments as Secretary of State, and continued dedication to change showcases Shultz’s positive impact on not only the United States, but the world. Shultz’s service for the United States spans over 70 years. After graduating from Princeton, Shultz enlisted in the United States Marine Corp (“Biographies”). The year was 1942, tensions were high and the United States was on the brink of war with both Germany and Japan. Unknown outcomes faced Shultz, but still he risked his life for…show more content…
At age 96, Shultz continues to have his hand in politics. In 2017 Shultz became a member of the Climate Leadership Council. The council proposes to eliminate all of Obama’s climate change policies and start from scratch with a $40 per ton carbon tax increase (Mooney). Shultz is one of few Republicans that has spoken out against climate change and the impact it has on a global scale. Shultz dedication to solving one of the world's biggest issues illustrates how he is at service to humanity. George Shultz has dedicated his life to the United States and the world. Shultz’s service during WWII shows his willingness to put his country before himself. His time as Secretary of State shows that he advocates for change throughout the world. Shultz refuses to let age slow him down and continues to support change. Shultz remains dedicated to promoting equality and justice throughout the world and has already left a positive impact. George Shultz not only embodies the Princeton motto, but has dedicated his entire life to the meaning of those ten
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