George Tenet and the Last Great Days of the Cia

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George Tenet and the Last Great Days of the CIA George Tenet was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 1997-2004. He was good at what he did; he was so good that he was asked to stay on as the Director of the CIA when President Bush won the Presidency. The one thing Tenet experienced with the Bush administration that he did not experience with the Clinton Administration is he became part of the President’s inner circle. Once George Tenet experienced the inner circle, he no longer was able to focus on rebuilding the agency (Stillman 2000). In George Tenet and the Last Great Days of the CIA, Richard White, Jr. gives us the rise and fall of the CIA under CIA Director George Tenet. With…show more content…
Once Tenet became a part of the President’s inner circle not only did he brief the President every morning but he also attended White House Policy meeting and his focus no longer became rebuilding the CIA. Some of the CIA officers felt that he could not carry out his role because he was too close to the President. It became a dilemma when he wanted to please everyone involved instead of letting the analysis speak for itself. These ethical dilemmas impacted George Tenet significantly he was unable to effectively perform his job, his leadership abilities was questioned, his judgment was clouted, and he became known as someone that was not trust worthy. Tenet had faced many ethical issues in his time working for the government; there are various ways in which Tenet addressed some them. First when Tenet became Director of the Central Intelligence he knew that he had a problem on his hand because the department was short staffed, the budget was in disarray, and there had been an inconsistent leadership. Tenet knew that when he was sworn in as the eighteenth director he would have his hands full and to be effective he would have to tackle those problems first. Another situation, I mentioned earlier when the CIA served as a go-between for Yasser Arafat and the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. His actions were not well received but Tenet stood by his answer, he
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