George Valentine

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“The Artist” (2011), directed by Michel Hazanavicius, is a black and white silent film. This French romantic comedy-drama takes place in Hollywood during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. George Valentine (Jean Dujardin) is a star in Hollywood that is on top of the world. He is doing very successful and is very famous. He then meets a young aspiring actress, Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo), who he helps move up in industry. Then follows the new era of talkies, where Valentine gets pushed out and new faces are brought in, Miller’s being one of them. Valentine then sinks all his money into one last silent film. His new movie and Miller’s get released on the same day. Barely anyone shows to his movie therefore George is bankrupt. While Miller…show more content…
It is dark but the stage is lightly lite up from the film rolling. This draws the audience’s attention directly to the screen. Then it cuts a wide shot of the back of the room where Valentine is standing, leaning on the edge of the door with his head lowered, still a lot of empty seats in the view. Then cuts to a medium shot of Valentine in the same position with his shadow casted on the door. Then cuts back to the movie screen in a high angle shot showing it from Miller’s view from the terrace. This is not only showing her positioning but that she is the one on top of the world now. Whereas looking at the scene from Valentine’s point of view it was ground level showing his position but also showing he is below her in the world. Cuts to a wide shot of her sitting on the Terrance, the only light is from behind her. Then cuts to medium shot of her watching the film with a serious face. Cuts back to the film screen from Miller’s point of view and she watches Valentine sink in the quick sand. Cuts back to medium shot of her still watching. Cuts to close up of the screen while Valentine is almost fully taken over by the sand. Back to Valentine again with shadows casted looking sad. Back to a close up of the girl on screen crying because of the man disappearing in the sand. Then to a close-up of the man actually disappearing. Then cuts to close up of Miller
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