George W. Bush Is Responsible For The Multiple Attacks On The Tallest Buildings

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The eleventh of september 2001 is a date that american citizens will never forget. On this day a horrific event that affected the lives of many, if not all, united states citizens resulting in about 3,000 deaths and numerous injuries took place. After the devastating attacks on this nation, people 's cry for truth and justice was heard loud and clear by the president of that time. Yet in response he perceived destroying valuable evidence as giving the truth, plus, a devastating-pointless war with Iraq as Justice. These are just a few things president George Bush did to hide the fabrications in his story about the air attacks on the tallest buildings in the world. However, as we find out more about that day, and uncover more of his lies, we can only draw one conclusion. Americas very own forty-third president, George W Bush is responsible for the multiple attacks on september eleventh. George Bush had prior knowledge about the attacks. September eleventh 2001 was just a secret operation in which the government pretended to be a victim of a premeditated self attack on their own people to justify going to war with a falsely accused enemy. Such a deceitful operation is most popularly known as False flag terrorism but to get away with an operation this grand the ability of emergency responders would have to be impaired. On the day of nine-eleven there were multiple war games being administrated by many United States defense agencies. The games involved a simulation of
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