George W. Bush : Legacy Of His Presidency

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Kiley Sharp Coach Bennett November 23, 2015 George W. Bush: Legacy of his Presidency Texas made way for many great things, frozen margarita machines, chili con carne, corn dogs, Whataburger, and Six Flags, but did you know a truly heroic, patriotic president also came from this fascinating state? George Walker Bush was born to the former president, George Herbert Walker Bush and the former first lady, Barbara Pierce Bush in New Haven, Connecticut, along with some of his brothers and sisters, Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Robin, and Dorothy. (Rountree, 1) Not only was his father into the politics, but also was his grandfather, Prescott Bush. Not only was Prescott a former banker for the world famous Wall Street, but he also happened to be a…show more content…
Yale had a secret society that only the most elite and prestigious families were allowed into, the Skull and Bones. George’s family was fancy and powerful enough for his group and he was invited, as it was an invite only group. ( A call to serve his country came to Bush, as he unlisted in the Air National Guard of Texas. Through family friends and connections within the military, Bush surpasses a humongous waiting list and not only got to join the TANG, known as Texas Air National Guard, but was commissioned as a lieutenant of the second rank. ( After returning from the Guard, George went to the Harvard School of Business. While here, he earned the Masters of Business Administration in 1975. Returning to his hometown of Midland, Bush refocused his track on the oil and gas business while working for a friend of the family. After a short time in the oil field George left that and went to start his own business. ( At a backyard barbeque, Laura Welch was introduced to George and they instantly hit it off. Three short months later, they were engaged and became married on November 5, 1977. The couple did not leave, however, and stayed at home in order to let Bush continue his oil field business. ( Believe it or not, George’s life was not in sequence, it was nothing but a big jumbled mess due to alcohol. Bush still
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