George W. Bush 's Speech

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George W. Bush’s Address to the Nation
Five years after the tragic attacks on the World Trade Center, and the horrifying memories for many Americans are still fresh in their minds. The attack was an event so devastating that people who experienced it can recall it like it was yesterday. On September 11, 2006, then President George W. Bush addressed the nation regarding one of the most poignant events in recent history. Bush was determined to set the tone for what the future held for not only Americans, but for the rest of the world as well. He effectively gives this speech explaining that his goal is to ensure the safety of the American people, and that he will make sure that proper action is taken to prevent another tragedy. With the help of his credibility as President of the United States of America, Bush delivers a successful speech by appealing to emotions, demonstrating an abundance of confidence, and portraying an intimidating image of the enemy.
Many of the words and phrases President Bush used in his speech were strong examples of pathos. His use of pathos was a powerful tool in procuring the attention and support of not only American citizens, but also allies of the United States. He points out that the memories for many citizens are fresher than those of other citizens. Those who were more affected by 9/11 are more invested in this speech and what it means for their country and families. Bush appeals to the audience by instilling a strong sense of pride in the
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