George Washington: An Admirable Man

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George Washington: An Admirable Man
Even as a fledgling chap, Washington gave the impression that he possessed a mystic invulnerability to bullets. In one early happenstance in the French and Indian War, he engrossed four bullets in his coat and hat and had two horses shot from under him yet materialized unscathed. This led one Indian chief to foretell that some greater supremacy was supervising him to unlimited proceedings in the time forthcoming (McKinney). His incredible will to move on inspired him and others to try to change the world. George Washington benefitted modern society by uniting the colonies through numerous admirable events that ultimately set the United States on their path to freedom, being an exceptionally admired war
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Washington surrounded Boston with cannons from Ticonderoga and scared the British temporarily out of Boston. This siege of Boston was an example of extraordinary military tactics and impressive thinking, which inspires military forces to this day. Washington “imparted discipline to the army, which at maximum strength slightly exceeded 20,000” (“George Washington”). His motivating personality lead many willing troops into successful battle. By influencing these men to do their best and building them up to be respectful and stalwart, Washington has truly affected society. The stimulating and enlivening efforts on his soldiers have been looked back on as an illustration of what standards for military discipline should look like now. Washington also “encouraged privateers [armed owners of a small ship officered by private individuals authorized for war] to attack British commerce” (“George Washington”). He was optimistic about the outcomes of rebellion and filled the hearts of those who had the same thoughts with the motivation to do it (”George Washington”). Modern society has benefitted from this by this small yet powerful encouragement sparking a revolution that will become The Revolution. The United…show more content…
Though he did speak to this belief many times, he was obviously not determined enough to cease the divisions in their, less than humble, beginnings. He spoke them down in speeches now and again, but never passionately took part in any physical act to stop them. He believed the political parties were going to cause a rift the nation itself after he had just taken such a huge role in uniting it. He readdressed this issue in his farewell speech and let it be up to the people from there. Washington didn’t fully make the difference he was capable of with his authority given through admiration, yet his many impacts are overpowering and unforgotten.
George Washington benefitted modern society by uniting the colonies, being an exceptionally admired Revolutionary War hero, and fixing many creditable examples that have continued to this day to be the foundation of the presidency. He helped the United States find their path to freedom and took part in the journey by helping them earn that freedom. His precedents to this great nation will never be forgotten. Furthermore, George Washington’s seemingly supernatural ability to influence society from every level, from a slave to a nation, far exceeds the average individual’s
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