George Washington And The Civil War

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George Washington was born in Westmoreland county, Virginia on February 22, 1732. His family then moved to a plantation near Fredericksburg and spent most of his youth at the plantation. His father, Augustine Washington, married Jane Butler, but then Jane died in 1729. Then Augustine Washington married in Mary Ball in 1731. They had 7 children, including George Washington. He lived in 1732 to a wealthy plantation owner. Very little is known about George Washington’s childhood. From age 7 to 15 George was home schooled. His father passed away when George was only 11. At the age 16 George Washington was traveling with a surveying party plotting land in Virginia’s western territory.

George Washington’s military career started when he began fighting with the Virginia militia. George Washington was commanding general during the war. George did this job without accepting any pay and led lots of people to war. He served over forty years of service. George Washington’s served in the French and Indian war, American Revolutionary War, and the Quasi-War. George Washington served in these wars in three different armed forces. He served in the British provincial militia, the Continental Army, and the United States Army

George Washington was elected to be the commander of the Continental Army. He was elected on June 14, 1775. George Washington had never led a large army. He led the Continental Army to a victory over Britain. He was elected president of the convention that wrote the
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