George Washington As A Measure Of Morals

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George Washington was the first person to represent the United States. Besides that do you know anything else or other information about George Washington? From all the wars he’s headed, years in the office, and being on the one dollar bill, there’s a lot more to the name George Washington. His childhood was considered a measure of morals, (although the chopping down of the cherry tree story was not true), he was the captain of the Unites States Continental Army going into wars, and he helped develop the Declaration of independence.

George Washington was born February 22, 1732. He was born to his father, Augustine Washington and his second wife Mary Washington. He came into the world with 2 step brothers and later on in his life he was joined by 5 more siblings. George’s mother was very over protective over her children to the huge point where they were very annoyed and bothered.

When George turned 11 his father passed away. After his father passed away, he went to live with his older step brother, Lawrence. Had George’s father lived for more years he would have attended a nice school in England. Instead he went to decent school near Fredericksburg and he had tutors to help him get through school.

When Lawrence passed away it was kind of a rough time for George losing everyone and not being around anyone. Lawrence left a lot of land to his wife and little brother George. Around this time, George was 20 years old. Lawrence’s wife got re-married and sold the property to
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