George Washington Carver Difficult Path to Great Accomplishments

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George Washington Carver was born on July 12, 1864, during the Civil War, in Diamond Grove, Missouri. He was one of many children born to Mary and Giles, an enslaved couple owned by Moses Carver. Just a week after his birth, George was kidnapped along with his sister and mother. All of the three were sold in Kentucky, and among them the only who was located was infant George by an agent of Moses Carver, whom then returned George back to Missouri. Moses Carver and his wife, Susan, kept George and his brother James at their home after that time when the Civil War ended in 1865, which it brought an end to slavery in Missouri. They raised and educated both of the two boys. Susan taught George how to read and write, since at that time, no local school accepted black students. As George grew up, the search for knowledge was a struggle for the rest of his life. As a young man, he had to travel 10 miles away from his home to a school for black children. He had attended several schools before he received his diploma, which was at Minneapolis High School in Minneapolis, Kansas. George Washington Carver was approved at Highland College in Highland, Kansas, but was denied automatically once college administrators figure out his race. Whilst interested in science, Carver was also interested in the arts. He then began studying art and music at Simpson College in Iowa, in 1890, expanding his painting and drawing skills through sketches of plant samples. Therefore, as for

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