George Washington Carver: The Peanut Man

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George Washington Carver was an agricultural chemist and botanist known as the
“Peanut Man.” He created over a hundreds of ways to use peanuts as well as other crops like the sweet potato, cowpea, soybean, and native clays from the soil. For this reason Carver is important to history because he found many ways to use different crops.
George Washington Carver was motivated to achieve his goal no matter what obstacle stood in his way. For example Carver was born into slavery and would, “spend the next 30 years wandering through three states and working at odd jobs to obtain a basic education,”
(Contemporary Black Biography 1993). By being born into slavery he wanted to better the lives for southern blacks. He did this by finding use to commercialize the crops within …show more content…

This allowed families to save some money in order to keep every cent to make ends meet during the depression. Carver’s dedication was able to help many lives through his advancements in agriculture. Accomplishments
Carver gained many awards for his contributions to agriculture creating new inventions by commercializing many crops. Carver was, “awarded an honorary doctorate and was made a member of the British Royal Society of Arts,” (Schlager and Lauer 2000). He was awarded this for developing so many ways to use different crops. This award shows Carver’s dedication to helping people’s diet during the depression. He was also awarded, “Spingarn Medal, awarded annually by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,” (Schlager and
Lauer 2000). He was said to be the person “who made the greatest contribution to the advancement of a race.” This was because of him being born into slavery and his dedication to make the lives of black southerners better. Carver was awarded for his dedication to better the lives of others and to achieve any goal no matter what obstacle that stood in his way.

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