George Washington Contributions

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Through the many obstacles, America has experienced; George Washington helped this free country become united and created by the people for the people. We know and call him by the title of the Founding Father of the United States. In three important ways, Washington helped shape the beginning of our evolving civilization. For instance, he commanded the Continental Army that won American Independence from Great Britain, known as the Revolutionary War. He was also nominated the president the U.S. Constitutional Convention, which later wrote the U.S. Constitution. In addition to these achievements, which created a strong foundation for America, he became the country’s first presidential leader. George Washington was born on Pope’s Creek Plantation in Westmoreland County, Virginia on February 22, 1732. He was the son of Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball Washington. Pursuant to the death of Washington’s father at a young age and experiences of hardships from colonial life on the edge of the wilderness, he learned that life was difficult. All of this guided him in maturing as an enduring and persevering gentleman. Due to his great loss, Washington was unable to receive a formal education across the sea in England as his older brothers had received. However, he was able to gather knowledge in academics from a private tutor similar to elementary school’s teachings; he also studied on his own. As a young man helping his widowed mother raise a family, he took on his
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