George Washington Contributions

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Many know his name, but few know his actions that became scorched into the country's history. George Washington, the first president, assisted in shaping the budding country into what it has become today. In His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis, Washington's life undergoes an analysation to assess the contributions he made that impacted the young country. Washington became a critical part of history who left a huge impact on the forming of the early United States through his relationships, hard work, and dedication.
It is strange to imagine that Washington had a childhood like every individual. A person's childhood can be shaped by the relationships they form in their youth. Like everyone, the great George Washington once was a bright-eyed child whose youth was strongly impacted by those around him. Unlike many think, Washington from birth was not the skilled president people think of. As Ellis states, "… Suggesting that he was born fully clothed and ready to assume the presidency" (Ellis 7). But, it is important to acknowledge the relationships young Washington had in his childhood because they held such an impact on his growing personality. Even though not much is known about his childhood, it is possible to identify important individuals who took part in it. For example, "Two major influences on Washington's youthful development were his half-brother Lawrence, fourteen years his senior, and the Fairfax family" (Ellis 9). Lawrence was very involved in
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