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George Washington and the Revolution

George Washington was a part of God's plan for a new country. What he did influenced what America has become. He laid the foundation for presidents to come, and built this country on solid Christian principles. George Washington was born February 22, 1732. His family lived on a few farms on the Potomac River. George was a strong boy. He could ride a horse and shoot a gun by age 10. When George was ten his older brother Lawrence came home from Europe where he was being educated. George liked Lawrence and Lawrence liked George. They had many good times together. When George was 11 his father died, then 9 years later Lawrence died. These were very hard times for George.
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The first major battle that General Washington fought, the battle of Long Island, was a bloody one. Washington and his men fought bravely but the British were too strong. Washington's men were forced to retreat. Though out the summer there were many smaller battles fought. Towards the end of the year, General Cornwallis of the British army chased Washington and his soldiers across New Jersey. In the winter of 1776, German soldiers, paid by the British to fight, were chasing Washington and his men. When they came to the Delaware River, Washington and his men took all the boats across the river so the Germans could not cross. After Washington and his men crossed the river, they devised a plan to capture the Germans on Christmas day. They would turn around, go back across the river while the Germans celebrated Christmas, surround and capture them. Everything worked out perfectly and Washington captured or killed all the German soldiers. Following the capture of the Germans Washington and his men won two major victories at Trenton and Princeton. These were battles that gave new hope to the colonies. After Princeton and Trenton Washington wintered at Morristown and built up his army. Following their winter at Morristown, Washington's army moved south to stop the British General Howe from moving into Philadelphia. Washington's army was not successful and they suffered a string of defeats at the hand of Howe.

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