George Washington Essay

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George Washington
Leadership Paper

George Washington was the first leader of the United States; he was a leader in the military for the French and Indian War, and the American Revolution. While a lot is known about his accomplishments it seems more like destiny and/or fate for his place in history. His upbringing and military battles all are more associated with luck than skill. Discussed in the following is a history and story of an unlikely leader.

George Washington
Washington left behind a undeniable record of military and political achievement. He was not a great field commander, but he learned from his mistakes. Politically, he proved remarkably intelligent at understanding the will of Congress. As a human being,
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Again Washington avoided death, by his account there were four bullet holes through his coat and two horses shot out from under him (2). Washington stature gained in popularity, he also acquired a new reputation. He emerged from the battle a hero, and Virginia governor Robert Dinwiddie rewarded him with promotion to full colonel. Washington was known for harsh punishments like giving 500 lashes for laziness. He even boasted of a building a gallows 40 feet high to hang deserters. Later that year Dinwiddie gave him command of all Virginia forces.
Tried to Settle Down
Washington resigned at war's end and retired to Mount Vernon. Now at the conclusion of the French and Indian war the retired Colonel Washington not yet 30 years old got married (2). His wife Martha was a widow of one of Virginia's wealthiest men; this marriage gave Washington the property, slaves, and wealth had dreamed of. By 1759 George and Martha Washington were among the most celebrated families in Virginia. They enjoyed a comfortable life during these times, hosting countless parties. He also found time for the hobbies of a Virginia gentleman, fox hunting, plays, billiards, cards, dancing, and fishing. For 15 years he devoted himself to his legislative work and his farm.
He was defeated in elections for the House of Burgesses in 1755 and 1757, but won in 1758. In 1760, Washington took on the additional duties of a Fairfax County justice of the peace.

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