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George Washington

He was born 1732 and he died in1799. George Washington seems today a figure larger than life itself…..almost as he was when he was a familiar person in the halls, homes, shops, and bars of 18th-century city Williamsburg. On Duke of
Gloucester Street, in the Raleigh Tavern's Apollo Room, or the Governor's Palace
Gardens, his powerful frame and his nice attitude..his presence….drew to him the notice that wrote his place in the history of the city, the state, and the nation. "His bones and joints are large, as are his hands and feet," friend of
Washington George Mercer observed in 1760. He said Washington kept "all the muscles of his face under perfect control, though flexible and expressive of
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That year Lord Fairfax dispatched him with a party that spent a month surveying Fairfax lands in the still-wild Shenandoah. In the expedition, he began to appreciate the uses and value of land, an appreciation that grew the following year with his appointment as Culpeper County surveyor, certified by the College of William and Mary.

Lawrence, suffering from a lung complaint took a Barbados voyage in search of health in a warmer climate….and george accompanied him. The younger brother contracted smallpox and returned to Virginia alone, but with a immunity to a disease that destroyed colonial-era armies. Lawrence died in 1752, and the Mount
Vernon estate passed by stages into George's hands until he inherited it in 1761.

Washington also succeeded to Lawrence's militia office. Governor Robert
Dinwiddie first appointed him assistant for the southern district of the colony's militia, but soon conferred on him Lawrence's assistantcy for the
Northern Neck and Eastern Shore. So it happened that in 1753 the governor sent
21-year-old Washington to warn French troops at Fort Duquesne at the forks of the Ohio (that's modern Pittsburgh) that they were encroaching in territory claimed by Virginia.

The French ignored the warning and the mission failed, but when Washington returned Dinwiddie had Williamsburg printer

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