George Washington Farewell Speech Analysis

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When analyzing the farewell speech of President George Washington, it is crucial to mention that all elements and concepts found there in can be applied to today’s politics. This can be seen by looking in depth and finding the portions of the farewell speech that apply to the issues that concern today’s society, and these are such as earning the trust of the American public when the new election of a president is coming upon us; he also speaks of what binds an American citizen to their country which is something that be a problem found within the public among Americans. It be seen through individuals not looking at each other as equal citizens of United States which have caused division which seems to be a worry of Washington in his…show more content…
This as well can be seen from presidents such as President Bush and he made it well known during his farewell address to use Washington’s speech to explain his reasoning for expressing thereof; in his farewell conference interview, he admits to making mistakes and choices during his 8 years of presidency which he says at the time were decisions he felt were a necessity at that given time (New York Times & Stolberg, 2009). Another portion of Washington’s speech can be found by him giving credit to the nation as whole for accomplishing certain overhauls, with surrounding all the criticism when it came to certain decisions under his presidency, meanwhile the support from the public remained therein. Especially the work that as a people accomplish with pushing forward for the passing of the US Constitution. In president Obama’s farewell address telling constituents how he was extremely grateful for the American people not only making him into a better president but a better man, and on top of it gives praise to citizens for working hand in hand with the accomplishment of gaining momentum on the cost of health care rising at a slow rate due to the passing of the affordable healthcare act (New York Times, 2017). With the warnings that Washington points out to those attending the farewell speech and possibly future generations whom would be reading it later in years to come, he felt quite strongly
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