George Washington: Flaws and All Essay example

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There are many individuals in American History, whom we as Americans regard for their courage and audacity in shaping our nation. We learn in our history classes the great accomplishments of our founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Ben Franklin. One other great founding father and our First President, George Washington was one whom we learned much about. We learn in school that he is as a prime example of leadership, citizenship, and overall individual achievement for his many contributions to our nation’s earliest struggles. But although we are taught that George Washington was this man of great disposition, no man is without his flaws. Many scholars have sought to enlighten individuals to these cracks in the Nation’s…show more content…
At the age of 23 years old Washington would become commander of the Virginia Regiment, ( Ellis, Joseph J, His Excellency, 24) although his men both more experienced and senior sought after him as their leader. His character and patriotism led directly to his selection as Commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Army. As commander-in-chief George led his army to a number of very important victories to include the capture of Boston with few defeats such as the trouncing of New York City. George lost many battles, with only one surrender, he continuously and persistently fought the British with unrelenting tactics he conspired the general strategy of the war. He oversaw the training and the organization of the army. Being unanimously elected upon Washington began his first term as President in 1789. He went on to serve for a second term ending his presidency in 1796. All that being said George Washington sounds like a stand up guy and that is why many Americans consider him to be a hero, but there are limits to the stories that are told. During the early times in American society, it was not uncommon or taboo for individuals to have slaves. Many wealthy whites have slaves in their household. Even some of our founding fathers had slaves. Thomas Jefferson is one such politician who is known for the number of slaves he had as well the illegitimate children he produced with some of these
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