George Washington Inauguration Essay

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1)George Washington (1789-1797) 1)April 30, 1789- Inauguration As The First President Of The United States. This was the swearing in of George Washington as the first president of the United States. This event took place on the balcony of the Federal Hall in New York, New York.
This marked the beginning of operations for the executive branch of the united states government under the guidelines established by the 1787 constitution. This event also served as a symbolic beginning of America’s growing into its status as a country, and a rejection of the government of Great Britain via establishing a political system without a monarch. 2)July 16, 1790 - Capital Of The United States Established As Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. was established …show more content…

This was enactment of the first part of Alexander’s three part plan. It’s goal was to establish credit for the young nation’s government.
This was a controversial plan that fed a need to relieve the war debts in the United States. This was also integral in forming a difference between the United States and Great Britain, since unlike the Bank of England it’s focus was on funding internal improvements for the government 6) February 20, 1792- Establishment of the US Postal Service. This was signed into action by George Washington via the Postal Service Act, establishing a federal nationwide service for sending and receiving mail. It was established due to the frustration of many citizens in not being able to reliably send and receive news.
This was an effort to connect all parts of the nation and spread information throughout the people. This also solidified the importance of the postmaster general, which had been previously important but not federally recognised. 7)March 22, 1794- Slave Trade Act of 1794.This was a law that limited american involvement in the international slave trade. It was the first of many anti-slavery laws passed by the US

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